Los Angeles FREE Covid Drive-Up & Walk-Up Testing For Those With or Without Insurance

Drive-Up & walk up TESTING

This service is available to those who do NOT have insurance as well as to those that have insurance.  We offer CONTACTLESS DRIVE-UP OR WALK-UP TESTING at our Bell Gardens Location. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! We offer a  variety of testing options, to ensure your safety, comfort and peace of mind. We cut the wait time by scheduling and processing paperwork online, and work to ensure the experience is as smooth, quick and contactless as possible for your best health and that of our staff.  


Once you have made your appointment online and answered our patient survey, you will receive a confirmation email with full drive thru instructions. We ask that you arrive at the exact time of your appointment to enable the line to move smoothly. You will be directed by our staff to enter the drive thru lot, based on your appointment time. If you arrive early/late, we will ask you to turn around an allow those with the appropriate appointment time to entire first. When it is your turn to enter the queue, you will be guided by our team to pull forward, and will be asked for the barcode that was emailed to you. Once we scan the barcode and have your file, our medical professionals will ask you a few questions regarding your current health condition and guide you on how to administer the exam from your vehicle. The nasal swabs are administered by our team collecting the culture from inside of the nostrils by a Qtip, this is called a nasopharyngeal swab. The mouth swab requires you to cough into your mask and collect the sample from the side if your cheek. Due to the discomfort patients have experienced with the nasal swab, we offer the cheek swab as the more preferred alternative. Our medical team will collect your specimen and submit to the lab for results and you’ll be on your way in a few minutes! Our office will contact you via email/phone as soon as the results become available.


To ensure your safety and that of our medical team, our physicians and nursing staff will be equipped with full Covid safety gear ( including body suits, N95 masks, and safety gloves) while performing the test. At no point are you required to leave your vehicle- our goal is to test you safely, quickly and provide the most accurate possible results.

What do to if you results are positive:

Our office will reach out to you as soon as we receive the results from the lab. Should you test positive, we will provide you the necessary resources, including nearest hospitals/clinics currently treating patients with Covid. Most importantly, it is imperative that you quarantine immediately upon receiving a positive result and to notify those who you’ve been exposed to over the past 14 days.


Testing Site

Los Angeles

Bell Gardens

7218 Garfield Ave.Bell Gardens, CA 90201

(M-F) 9AM-5PM