What type of tests do you offer? Which is the right one for me?

We perform COVID Nasal Swabs, Rapid COVID PCR tests, along with COVID Antibody testing.

If you are experiencing symptoms and worried that you currently have COVID 19, the Nasal or Cheek Swab is right for you. If you need more immediate results and wish to bypass the nasal discomfort, the cheek swab is the more preferred option. Both results are highly accurate.

If you think you’ve already had COVID 19, then the antibody test is the right test.

What is your address, hours and phone number?

Testing will be done one car at a time with security in place and a mechanical gate to ensure privacy, safety and lower risks of transmission. All providers will be properly trained and gowned wearing protective equipment. You will stay in your vehicle to decrease risk of transmission.

I need to test a large group (5+) tested. How can I do that with your website?

Please click on this link for groups of 5 or more individuals.

Can anyone get tested or do I need to get a referral from a Doctor to schedule an appointment?

Anyone can get tested. No referral is necessary, however, if you would like to schedule a telehealth visit with the doctor in advance or after the test, you can click here.

What are the symptoms that we most frequently see?

Shortness of breath, coughing or fever are the main symptoms. However, there are over x symptoms in total.

Do I get out of the car if I’m doing a drive through?

You should be able to remain in your vehicle the entire time of the exam. We have both an outdoor or indoor space available for your convenience.

What does a negative test mean?

Our rapid COVID PCR & antibody test are usually available in less than 24 hours. This COVID PCR Test is one of the most advanced tests available and is considered a gold standard.

What is the COVID Antibody Test and how does it work?

This test detects whether you have had the COVID 19 in your blood. There are to different types of antibodies that are produced in those that have already had COVID 19. Those are IGM (show up in 1 week after infection) and IGG (shows up after 2 weeks after infection).

Can someone from your office come to our business or home?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

How do I get the results?

Results are emailed to you usually within 24 hours if you ordered a Cheek swab.  Most other Nasal tests take 7-10 days because Labs across Californina are Backed up.  In some instances you may receive a phone call.

What do I do if I test positive?

You will receive additional information and can choose to schedule a consult to see your next steps. Everyone experiences different types of symptoms and after we learn more of your symptoms and medical history we can further evaluate the next steps.

Can my results be provided faster than 24 hours?

Tests that are currently taking less than 24 hours are not as accurate as the tests we arr are utilizing. We are choosing not to work with unreliable tests.

How long after a suspected exposure to COVID-19, should a person be tested?

There is growing evidence and agreement in the medical community that testing for COVID-19 at day three and day ten is prudent. It is recommended that a person isolate themself for 14 days after exposure.

How much are the COVID Tests?

FREE- The Standard Covid Nasal Swab (results within 7-10 days)

FREE- Covid Antibody Test- Free if Covered by Insurance and/or if you don’t have insurance through the CARES State Billing option. If you have Medi-Cal, we are not able to provide the test for you at this time.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

You may re-schedule an exam at any time. 

What will testing feel like or look like? Can you please show a video?